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[ Description ] 
5 Vitamins resolve 5 kinds of skin problems
A,B,C,E,K3 vitamin complex supply vitamin-rich energy to the skin,releasing elasticity,acne,brightening,moisturizing and redness for your clean and healthy skin.

The Synergy effect of 'Collagen-5 Vitamins-Hyaluronic Acid'
Each component works together to get involved in the synthesis of the skin when used together to help the skin elasticity and moisture, as well as far into the skin absorption of vitamin nutrition.Take a good care of your skin moisture, elasticity and nutrition with the Toner & Mist.

Now,apply a mist sprinkled with toner.
After washing your face with mist sprayed directly supplying moisture to the skin, damp in a cotton pad and pat along skin texture for vitamin, collagen and the ingredient of hyaluronic acid to be absorbed into the skin.

Skin elasticity / Improve skin tone / Moisturizing & Calming / Relieve the redness / Protective barrier

[ Main Ingredients]
Hyaluronic acid
A natural moisturizing factor in stratum corneum and is involved in retention of moisture to the skin smoothing.
The ability to improve water retention and increased resilience to suppress the production of wrinkles.
Quickly penerates the skin and give luster and gloss gives the flexibility and resilience.
Protection of sensitive skin or dry skin through the activation function.

[ How to use ]
When using as a Mist 
1.Close eys and spray directly to the face at a distance of 20cm in the morning and evening after cleansing
2.Pat lightly with your hands in order to be absorbed to the face
3.Spray to your face whenever it feels dry or tired.
When using as a Toner
1.Put appropriate amount on a cotton pad and rub along the skin texture in the morning and evening after cleansing.
2.After applying toner, repeat patting lightly using your fingers in order to be absorbed to the face.
3.Moisten enough toner to the face and then kept cool in the refrigerator for 5 to 10 minutes to upload the cooling, soothing effect can be obtained.

[ Recomended for ]
- Dark skin tone and dry and desiccated skin
- Tired and dry skin due to air conditioning and heating system
- Wrinkled skin due to lack of hydration
- Skin Redness due to dry and cold wind
- Rest-needed skin due to troubles from external stimuli and lack of hydration

[ Size ]
[ Country of Origin ]
Made in Korea

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